FOBOHA Technology for minimal turning times

We develop and build all turning systems in-house. Advantages of our patented technology:

  • Robust and easy to maintain
  • Precise positioning through mechanical indexing
  • Choice of hydraulic or servo-electric drive
  • Short rotation times

Rotary Table

FOBOHA rotary tables provide a solid base for any multi-component mold. The system is driven hydraulically or by servomotor. Indexing in the final position guarantees high precision of repetition and minimal wear on the rotary table and mold. Besides the basic equipment, the system offers many options for industrializing even sophisticated applications efficiently and robustly.

Index Turning Systems

FOBOHA index turning systems are designed for rapid turning times and maximum coolant water flow, making them ideal for the production of plastic parts overmolded on both sides. The systems are also exceptional in terms of their robust construction.

Linear Transfer Systems

Linear transfer technology makes efficient use of the available mold installation space in the injection molding equipment. Especially when multiple injection stations are required, traditional turning systems soon reach their limits because of the space required by rotary transport of the substrate.

Stack Turning Rotary Units

FOBOHA stack turning rotary units are the basis of our stack turning and cube technologies. The patented turning units allow the middle block of a stack turning mold or cube mold to be held at the top and bottom.
This balances any torque during placement and removal of the mold as well as centrifugal forces
arising during turning and braking of the middle block. The systems are actuated hydraulically or by a servomotor.