Handling Systems And Automation


Flexible Technology for all requirements

We develop and build standardized handling equipment in-house. The equipment is very robust and easy to maintain. A flexible basic design is easily adapted to specific requirements.
These systems can be equipped with flip top closing units, assembly units or testing stations.

Our customers most often use FOBOHA handling equipment in combination with our cube molds. The benefit is clear: with only one vendor for both systems, the ideal interface configuration is guaranteed. Since we build the control cabinet ourselves, we have full control over the entire process, from design to programming to commissioning.
FOBOHA handling equipment is designed to remove the product from the free side of a cube mold with the mold closed. Additional functions such as attaching a flip-top closure or assembling two plastic pieces are specially developed for a given application. Each system is based on the modular handling design, developed by us.

In addition to FOBOHA's own handling systems we also offer customized solutions based on 6-axes industrial robots. In doing so, we create the concept, construct and build the End of Arm and take over the integration. In our application technology, the entire injection molding machine, form and handling system is tested and validated on request.