At work all over the world and around the clock

Whether packaging for consumer goods, closures, medical devices or for automotive componnets, the variety of possible applications of plastic products is immeasurably large. To meet this ever-growing demand, FOBOHA injection molds are used around the world and around the clock.

Consumer goods

Consumer goods and personal care products are expected to meet the highest standards in terms of design and function. With our multi-component technology, consumer goods get a visual upgrade and functional improvements.


With our molds and production concepts for closures, we industrialize ideas from the marketing departments in an economical and innovative way, and with focus on minimal cycle times and high availability.
Our multi-component technology offers a wide range of options for combining function and attractive cap design in an ideal form.


Special quality criteria apply to medical and laboratory products. The manufacture of medical products thus requires molds especially designed to meet these standards. We have developed and built forms for this application area with great success for many years.

Thin-wall packaging

FOBOHA precision molds meet the high standards required for the manufacture of thin-wall packaging. The molds' modular construction means they are quick to build; it also permits high flexibility. Moreover, exchangeable mold inserts make it possible to use the basic mold for a variety of products. The innovative cooling technology and selected coatings ensure minimal cycle times and long service life. With in-mold labeling (IML), lettering can be applied directly in the mold.


The Automotive Industry constantly faces new challenges. Innovative components that involve design but also function, require innovative manufacturing processes. FOBOHA already supports the product development with production proposals in order to develop a production concept tailored to the requirements.